Many recognize the promise of a price-stable cryptocurrency, commonly known as a stablecoin. There are so many stablecoin projects in development that I decided to create a site to keep track of them all.

The Stablecoin Index is a tool to track and compare various stablecoin projects. It is built and managed by Myles Snider of Multicoin Capital

The home page will list all live, openly traded stablecoins, ranked by market cap, with price and volume data. Eventually I'd like to integrate historical data analysis. If you're interested in helping out with this, please get in touch!  

The projects page will list all known stablecoin projects under development. This is simply a list of existing projects; I have not done due diligence on all of them. Some may even be scams. DYOR!

The resources page is a curated list of stablecoin-related reading. I've done my best to include takes that are informative, bullish, and bearish. If you have suggestions for pieces to add, please let me know. 

Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or to tell me about a project. 


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